Thursday, April 06, 2006

from dirty libby to delicious libby

Cynthia Watros is screaming hot.

She's spent too much time in the background as second-season-addition Libby, the clincial psychologist (or is she?), on "Lost".... but on yesterday's episode, though, we finally got our treat. And, a pretty awesome reveal at the end (to your left) regarding her character.... turns out she happened to be in the loony bin with Hurley at the same time, but they don't seem to remember each other (....or at least Hurley doesn't). This is a step up from the usual pretending-to-be-tricky character connection crap the the writers have too much fun with. I have to admit, I'm afraid "Lost" might turn out to be a grand exercise where we find out at the end that the writers were flying by the seat of their pants the whole time. They've gone out of their way to seed so many little details (hardcore viewers are calling them the DVD-friendly term "Easter eggs") in their episodes, and I'm starting to worry if they're ever going to connect the dots. I'm actually interested to see how this one with Libby and Hurley plays out.... assuming it does. This twist was provoking and satisfying.... a trait as of late where narrative shock value in TV tends to miss the bar.

When I have my own TV show, I want her on it. Just added to the ever-growing dream cast list.

Is it bad to imagine the actors who you want to play the roles you write?

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Long_Division said...

I agree that she's hot, but look at those traps! Those things are massive! Maybe it's the picture?