Thursday, June 29, 2006

a different View

1. I am not a pop culture prostitute.
2. So, Barbara Walters gave Star Jones a public spanking after Star decided she was leaving "The View" before "The View" kicked her gastric bypassed ass out the door. I don't know much about Star Jones except that she's a lawyer (verified only by Tracy Morgan's hilarious performance as her in "The View" spoofs from mid-90's SNL) and that she did commercials for Payless Shoes. I don't know much about "The View", really, except that I really enjoyed those skits from SNL and think Cheri Oteri (who has disappeared) is a comedic genius. I think I saw Joy Behar on the street once when I first moved to New York.
3. Forever now Payless to me will be known as Star Jones Shoes.
4. It's too bad Barbara Walters and Star Jones couldn't have an actual spontaneous catfight onscreen.... "Dynasty"-style, with shoulder pads and fountains and all. That would have made good TV.
5. Barbara Walters would probably fight dirty and go for the eyes.


Writeprocrastinator said...

My money's on Star because Barbara is something like seventy-eight, unless...Star brings it street-style and hits her with a Payless shoe that will naturally come apart.

How about a match that is more even, but with half of the intrigue? Star and Rosie O'Donnell, Thunderdome-style! Two go in, only one comes out!, the Thunderdome, that is.

is that so wrong? said...

I just might pay money to see the Thunderdome smackdown.