Monday, September 08, 2008

sometimes blogger

I took the summer off! And traveled from coast to coast.... quite a few times.

But still, damn it, the blog calls for me to air my opinions. Despite the Election '08! crap that is spewed on every minute of every news program, I WILL NOT be writing about politics. Never. It only inspires ire on the part of all parties involved.

But I have read a few good books. And saw a few good movies, thanks to the 35th Telluride Film Festival, where I was a volunteer.

And, I ask all two of you, aren't you excited to hear more?


Christina said...

YES!!!! I want to hear about the film festival!

[You and I are alike w.r.t. politics. Hate the whole circus and I refuse to talk about it with people. It's become worse than religion.]

Cormac Brown said...

Good books and film festivals? I'm all ears...or eyes, as it were.